anybody can help I need it by today at 4 pm please please please please please please help


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Let's define our time dimension as t=0 in minutes at 9 AM. This means that Andy leaves at t=0 and Bernard leaves at t=330 (2:30PM is 5.5 hours later, which is 5.5*60=330 minutes later). The speeds have to be converted to km/min as well: 88 km/h = 88/60 km/min 76 km/h = 76/60 km/min Let's define the location dimension x as x=0 at Town A, then x=976 in Town B. With this we can set up two location equations: Andy: x(t) = 88/60 t Bernard: x(t) = 976 - 76/60 t When they meet, the equations are equal, so we solve t for: 88/60 t = 976 - 76/60 t => t=510 Convert this number back to a clock time by adding 510 minutes to 9 AM, and you get 5:30 PM.

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