Which quotation from the "The Oasis: Africa" best supports the idea that the narrator is trying hard to keep going? “Footsore and weary, but ever before us the pointing finger of the Arab Sheikh, and his ceaseless: ‘On, on.’” “‘Mohammed!’ I called to my faithful Algerian, ‘I can do no more; I am done!’” “I was at the end of my tether, racked with fever and aching all over; the heavy, old-fashioned Mauser weighed me down...” “I shambled along with clouded brain, but every fibre of my body torn with pain and fatigue.”


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The fourth quote shows that the narrator is persevering through the hardships. The first quote only says that Arab Sheikh is pushing the narrator on, not that the narrator is actually trying. The second quote is quite the opposite of going on - in this one, the narrator wants to stop. The third quote only talks about the pains the narrator was experiencing, not of if he would go on or not. Only the fourth quote talks about moving on despite all the pain and aching.

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